Samsung GT-S5360 Galaxy Y

Once famous as the Galaxy Mini Android smartphone Samsung's low-end, Samsung is now trying to release a low-end smartphone that can not be underestimated, namely Galaxy Y. The letter Y stands for Young here, where the smartphone is targeted for entry level users.
But in terms of smartphone screen has a size of 3 inches, smaller than its predecessor Galaxy Mini is a 3:14-inch size. The camera is only 2 MP decreased from Galaxy Mini which has a 3.15 MP camera size. But other than a decrease, there are also increases in the specifications as the larger processor into 832 MHz and the lighter weight of the Galaxy Mini to be 97.5 grams. This smartphone is priced approximately 1 million - 1.5 million dollars.
Although aimed at the entry level, but this smartphone is equipped with a high specification. Here are the official specs of the Galaxy Y:• GSM / EDGE / UMTS (3G) / HSDPA• Gingerbread Android 2.3.5• 832 MHz Processor• 3.0-inch capacitive screen resolution of 320X240 pixels• 2MP Camera• 256MB RAM, 164MB storage• WiFi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth v3.0, A-GPS
Design and BodyThe design of the Galaxy Y is simple and very similar to the Galaxy Ace in a smaller size. Galaxy Y has dimensions of 104 x 58 x 11.5 mm. The entire body is made of plastic smartphones, but with the chrome wrapped around the body giving the impression of elegance, so it does not look cheap. The back is patterned so as not to leave finger spot. On the front of the screen surrounded by black frames. Unfortunately, microSD memory slot not hot-swappable, so you have to open the back cover to access the memory card.
On the upper face are the earpiece and proximity sensor to turn off the screen. The bottom are three buttons, the middle button / home is a physical button while the two other buttons (menu, back) is a capacitive button. At the top there is a 3.5 mm headset port and a micro USB port. On the left there is a hole for the strap and the volume buttons. The bottom of the hole filled only mic. On the right there are only a power button / lock. On the back there is a speaker and screen used kamera.Kualitas Y Galaxy is no different to the Galaxy Mini. So that makes it less comfortable when seen if linger.
InterfaceGalaxy Y is already embedded the latest version 2.3.5 Android Gingerbread with TouchWiz 3.0 like other Samsung phones output. Display TouchWiz become one of the mandatory standard on every smartphone Samsung.Home screen capable of loading up to 7 pages, which you can add items such as widgets, shortcuts, and folders. Galaxy Y can also be paired Live Wallpaper.Menu appears with a row of icons 3 x 4 with a transparent black background. Existing icons can be changed as desired position. The number of pages on the menu can be increased in accordance with the number of existing icons.Typical Android notification bar is also present to provide information and enable multiple connectivity options. As usual you need to display the notification screen with just a sweep of a finger from top to bottom.

Text InputThere are three default input method, namely DioPen Chinese, Samsung keypad, and Swipe. For Samsung keypad there are four types to portrait position, namely a Qwerty keypad, 3x4 Keypad, Handwritting box 1 and box 2 Handwritting. For there is a full landscape QWERTY keyboard. Despite having only a 3-inch screen, but to do us no trouble typing. For those of you who meilliki large fingers can use the keyboard in landscape position.
ContactsFor business contacts, Samsung Galaxy Y has been able to integrate your Gmail account, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft Exchange, and the Samsung account. You are not limited to include the amount of contact. You can do a Swipe at contact to the left to call and to the right for SMS, not a practical way?

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